Choosing the right access cover.

Understanding Australian Standard AS3996 – 2006: Access Covers & Grates

R&S Grating work to the Australian Standard for Access Covers and Grates, AS3996 – 2006. The standard sets a series of load classifications for products based on the anticipated load. These classes range from extra light duty (Class A) through to extra heavy duty – G (Class G). Below is a summary of the load classifications, including areas for their intended use.

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Class Logo Typical Use Nominal Wheel Loading (kg) Serviceability Design Load (kN) Ultimate Limit State Load (kN)
A Areas (including footways) accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists and closed to other traffic (extra-light duty). 330 6.7 10
B Areas (including footways and light tractor paths) accessible to vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles) or livestock (light duty). 2, 670 53 80
C Malls and areas open to slow moving commercial vehicles (medium duty). 5, 000 100 150
D Carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles (heavy duty). 8, 000 140 210
E General docks and aircraft pavements (extra heavy duty – E). 13, 700 267 400
F Docks and aircraft pavements subject to high wheel loads (extra heavy duty – F). 20, 000 400 600
G Docks and aircraft pavements subject to very high wheel loads (extra heavy duty – G). 30, 000 600 900

Understanding Pit Size

Confusion can arise about what size is actually being measured on a product.  Unless specified, all R&S Grating size measurements are the pit size (often referred to as clear opening size or internal size).  All measurements quoted by R&S Grating are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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Understanding Frame & Insert Sizes

When choosing an access cover, the insert size should most closely match the pit size of the pit. There is usually a little variance between the pit size and the insert size, however the frame size should be significantly larger than the pit size (or clear opening) to ensure that the frame is completely outside of the pit, thus providing stability for the insert once the access cover is installed. The frame and insert sizes of each access cover is listed in the 'Product Specifications' tab for each individual access cover.

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