EGAL Sump Grates

EGAL sump grates are intended for residential properties and areas experiencing light, slow moving traffic (including delivery vans and trucks).  Rated to Class B of AS3996, all EGAL sump grates are bike safe, anti-slip, bolt down and hinged for easy access.

Anti-slip serration on EGAL sump grates.

Available Sizes

CodePit Size (mm)Class Rating (AS3996)
SG-L-MSG-E3030300 x 300B
SG-L-MSG-E4545450 x 450B
SG-L-MSG-E6060600 x 600B
SG-L-MSG-E7575750 x 750B
SG-L-MSG-E9060900 x 600B
SG-L-MSG-E9090900 x 900B
SG-L-MSG-E10751000 x 750B