Sump Grates

Sump grates are used to cover storm water pits.  Storm water pits are typically square or rectangular in shape.

Depending on the area of installation, common concerns with sump grates include the anticipated traffic loads, their water flow capacity and their compliance with local government safety regulations.  R&S Grating has developed an extensive range of sump grating to address all these concerns.  Our range of sump grating includes grates that are bike-safe, wheelchair safe and even high heel shoe safe.  Our range utilises a variety of materials, including mild steel, cast and ductile iron, as well as stainless steel and other specialty materials.

Use our “choosing the right sump grate” page to determine the most appropriate grate for your application.

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    Choosing the right sump grate. 

  • With such a large variety of sump grates available, we understand that it can be difficult choosing the most appropriate one. Below is a summary of the key criteria on which our range of sump grates has been designed. If … More

  • Weaved Grate

    Weaved Sump Grates 

  • Weaved grates have become a signature product of R&S Grating.  Their innovative design not only makes them bike safe, but also allows loads to be distributed uniformly across the grate.  This design feature makes them ideal for commercial areas, with stock … More

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    Converted Side Entry 

  • Often when new driveways are built (or existing driveways extended), side entry pits need to be converted into junction pits, while still allowing water to be channelled into the pit. This is accomplished through the installation of a converted side … More

  • EGAL Sump Grate

    EGAL Sump Grates 

  • EGAL sump grates are ideal for residential properties and areas accessed by light vehicle traffic. EGAL sump grates are rated to class B of AS3996 – 2006. The EGAL design allows good resistance against bike and wheel chair tyre … More

  • Small Gap

    Small Gap Sump Grates 

  • Mild steel small gap sump grates are designed for areas accessed by pedestrians wearing high heel shoes. In addition to being heel guard, they are also bike and wheel chair safe, making them the most pedestrian-friendly grate available. Available in … More

  • Straight Bar Sump Grates 

  • Straight bar grates are a tried and tested solution for storm water pits. Their traditional design utilises the strength of steel to provide a durable product, suited to taking large volumes of water. Ideal for residential applications, straight bars grates … More

  • Cast & Ductile Iron Sump Grates

    Cast & Ductile Iron Sump Grates 

  • Cast and ductile iron sump grates have long been a part of R&S Grating’s inventory having been sold for over 30 years. The advantage of cast and ductile iron grates is their strength, coming directly from the manufacturing procedure, where they are … More