Trench Grates

Trench Grating

Trench grates are designed to catch large amounts of water that are flowing in their catchment area.

Trench grating is typically installed in front of garages, in low-lying areas and across driveways.

Trench grates are available in a large range of materials, finishes and styles.

Two main styles are available, one with longitudinal bars (bars running parallel with the trench) and one with transverse bars (bars running perpendicular to the direction of the trench).

Trench grating is available in

Light Duty      (Class B)
Medium Duty (Class C)
Heavy Duty   (Class D)
Extra Heavy  (Classes E – G)

Trench Grating

Finishes available include black cast iron, black ductile iron, galvanised mild steel and stainless steel.

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    Choosing the right trench grate 

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    Longitudinal Trench Grating 

  • Road Safety Grating’s longitudinal bars trench grates are available in both light duty (class B) and heavy duty (class D). Longitudinal bar trench grates feature a 6mm gap between their bars, making them high heel shoe resistant as well as … More

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    Transverse Bar Trench Grating 

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    EGAL Trench Grating 

  • EGAL trench grates offer an economical and versatile alternative to traditional cast and ductile iron trench grates. The design utilises twist bars to strengthen the grate, while also making the EGAL range bike and wheel chair safe. Offered in galvanised … More